The AAA Method For Getting Staggering Success

A lot of time we find ourselves in situations in our relationships with our loved ones, with our business, with friends, at work, with our health and finances where we realize that we are kind of stuck. It is that stage where you are not going anywhere despite the efforts. It seems like every time you are trying to make a move, the whole world comes against you and all of a sudden you are back at the “stuck stage.” So what do you do when you find yourself in that spot? I have known so many people who are stuck and have been stuck for years. How do you get unstuck? This is a simple plan that works equally well in business as well as personal level.

This is what is called the AAA method for getting yourself out of the trap.

The first A stands for Accept. You can’t escape from a trap unless you accept and admit that you are in a trap. And that doesn’t mean that you need to go to a meeting and publicly admit to the world that you have a problem. But admit to yourself that hey, I am not just a little short on cash, I am going broke; I am not just a little unhealthy, I am 50 pounds overweight. Way too many people try to be politically correct with themselves, and it is not doing them any good. It is impossible to move on until you accept your situation to yourself in a brutally honest way.

The second A: Once you have Accepted your situation, then you must to Analyze how you got there in the first place. What caused you to be in this situation? Make sure not to analyze yourself to death however and end up in Analysis Paralysis (business majors can you hear me?)

The third A: Accepting and Analyzing your situation doesn’t do much good unless you Act upon it. Decide what you need to do to get yourself unstuck, and rock and roll your way out immediately. Accept, Analyze, Act=Getting yourself unstuck. Have a great week! - Nik D'Angelo


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